Step 3: Motion Graphics Designer Skill Test

(Please answer all the following questions to help us take the selection process ahead. All questions are compulsory.)

1. The total number of years of your work experience in Design.
2. You are proficient in
3. Have you worked on educational video content?
4. Please share links to your work samples here.
5. What kind of employment are you looking for?
6. Are you currently ready to take up a 3-month full-time work assignment with IIDE?
7. Please share your salary expectation for a 3-month full-time work assignment with IIDE.
8. Test Assignment:Listen to the audio file here and create a completely animated video using the first 45 seconds of the audio recording. Make sure to upload the completed video in MP4 format only.!
Watch these videos to get a fair idea of the expectation in design work at IIDE.
Sample 1
Sample 2


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