PGPDS Entrance Exam

Welcome to your PGPDS Entrance TEST

One possible way to improve living conditions of the poor is to provide micro loans to those who will make the most of them. How can you use Data Science to predict who a needy and good borrower would be?
Be as imaginative as possible. And assume all public and private data sources available can be used for this exercise.
Imagine there are 2 variables in the world A and B.
i) Positive correlation: When A increases so does B. And vice versa is also true.
ii) Negative correlation: when A increases B reduces. And vice versa is also true
iii) No correlation: When A and B are completed unrelated. A change in A has no impact on B. And vice versa is also true
Can you find 1 real life example for all 3 concepts. Be as descriptive with your answer as possible.
It is noticed that when Ice cream sales in the world increase, so do deaths.. Can you make sense out of this statement? Be as imaginative, factual and practical as you can.
200 people were asked if they knew who any of the following are: Akshay, Amar, and Arun

  • 50 people did not know any of them.

  • 6 people knew all three.

  • 96 people knew who Amar or Arun were but did not know who Akshay was.

  • 80 people knew who Arun was.

  • 42 people knew who at least two of these were.

  • 14 people knew who Akshay and Arun were but did not know who Amar was.

  • 16 people knew who Akshay and Amar were.

Please plot this information on a Venn Diagram and share a picture
Imagine you invented a magic mirror which was present in your room and spoke back to you logically. What cool data driven features would you add to it such that the mirror played a predictive and utility based role in your life. Be as creative and detailed as possible in your answer.
Watch this video to see how a tool called Criclytics plays a role in the game of cricket.

Think of atleast 2 cool innovations that could help a team captain take better decisions basis data (could be through Criclytics or some data driven innovation you have imagined)
Akshay invites three friends over to his place to watch a game of IPL. They are all hungry, but somehow miss ordering food. Just then they spot a TV commercial from a local pizza joint offering free home delivery. The number is flashed on screen, however it disappears by the time either of them can make the call. When Akshay is ready to make the call, each of them recollect a different number. Which of these 4 numbers most likely to be the right number. Support your answer with reasons.
982 041 9266
982 041 9336
982 041 9268
982 041 8266
Choose the pair of words that best represent a similar relationship to the original pair of words (Please answer
both sub questions and share reasons for your answer)

a) Petal : FLower
salt :white
bat : ball
socks :shoes
cat : dog

accountant :
writer : speech
lawyer : ironic
manager : garrulous
scientist : opulent
Examine this number series and fill in the blank. Give reasons for your answer

8, 43, 11, 41, ___, 39, 17
Which word does not belong with the other.
(Please answer both sub questions and share reasons for your answer)

Group A

Group B
If SISTER is coded as SISRET and SCORER as OCSRER. Then SCRABBLE will be coded as? Support your answer with reasons.
In a certain code, MORNING is written as NINROMG. How is EVENING written in that same code?
Please answer both sub questions with reasoning

a. Five girls took part in a race. Aisha finished before Sunanda but behind Vinika. Dishika finished before Megha but behind Sunanda. What was the finishing order?
b. In the middle of a round lake lies a beautiful water lily. The water lily doubles in size every day. After exactly 20 days, the lily will cover the complete pool. After how many days will the water lily cover half of the pool?
Role of Data Science in Entertainment. Please write a 200 to 400 word write-up on the same with context to how Spotify, Netflix and the likes leverage data for their business.
These days, speech recognition products like Siri, Google Voice, Cortana etc are becoming increasingly popular. Explain the role of Data Science plays in speech recognition in short basis your understanding of the subject.