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Welcome to your Skill Test - BD Executive - Placement and Outreach

1. Write a cold email to the HR of Zomato asking if they have a requirement for Digital Marketing candidates

2. Research, find and list down Digital Marketing job openings from various job portals.
Few things to consider while attempting this task:

  • The openings should be relevant
  • They should be recent (posted under 7 days)
  • List down a minimum of 15 openings (more the merrier)
  • Document the job openings on an excel sheet. Ensure all the relevant details are mentioned on the excel sheet for your manager to decide what works best for students

3. Write an SMS to HR of Kinnect and ask for placement requirements.

4. Find the phone number of HR Kinnect
(Check on Google or wherever you can. State the source here once found.)

5. Below is the link to a sample resume.
Please make the copy of the above document or copy paste it to your word document and make corrections to the RESUME with best of your understanding. Mark your edits in RED.

Please create one Google Doc for all the questions with an appropriate file name (Your name/TPO interview task) and share the link below.
(Note: Ensure you share edit access to the Google doc.)