Step 3: IIDE Academic Counselor - Skill Test

1. He saw a group of _______________ returning from the Lake.
2. The ____________ came the next morning and cast their net.
3. A and B are husband and wife. C is the son of B. D is Son of C. C is married to P. P is mother of M. R is the daughter of M. M is the mother of T. Who is the grandson of A?
4. Some Apples are Oranges.Some Oranges are Potatoes.
Which of the following sentences is correct?
5. Marketing is________
6. Study the following arrangement carefully and answer the question.C U A B D B C E D E D U A B U A C D E D A D B C A B C E B A B
How many such vowels are there in the above arrangements each of which is immediately followed by a vowel?
7. What is the most common synonym for the Anxious
8. Choose one word which is most similar in meaning to the word.Keep the sun Away
9. A lead means?
10. Explain what IIDE does in 2 sentences in your own words.
11. How to handle Irate customers? Explain in 50 Words.
12. If the Lead to Conversion rate is 5%. How many leads do I need to get 100 students?
13. If I have 200 Applications and I have 50 students in the class, What is the conversion rate
14. You are a Counsellor at IIDE. You get a call one day from Rajesh saying ABC is offering the same course as IIDE for a lower price. How will you handle the situation? Explain it in 50 Words.
15. Your target is to get 15 students for a Batch and you have 25 days in hand until the batch starts. How many students are required per day?


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