Step 3: IIDE Content Development Executive - Skill Test

1. Create a list of topics that according to you will help to explain - Future Trends in Digital Marketing in the Pharma Sector. This list should be populated in a google sheet. Submit the link of the sheet in the below box.
2. Once you have a list of topics that should be taught in order to explain the above mentioned module to professionals from the pharma industry, make a presentation using google slides. You are required to make 10 slides in total. Aim here is to depict how well you can explain a topic through your presentation skills. You need not cover all topics mentioned by you in Point 1, just a brief summary covering 2-3 topics should be enough. Submit the link of the slides in the below box.
(Note: Please ensure while submitting the test, both google sheet and google slide are put on edit mode for the viewer.)


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