Step 3: IIDE Market Research Intern - Skill Test

Please perform the task mentioned below
  1. Make a database of 20 venture capitalists present in Mumbai. Use Google Sheets to make this list. Attach the google sheet link here.
  2. Write an introductory email on behalf of IIDE to get a meeting with the venture capitalist. The email should be customized in a way that it seems personal. Keep in mind that you will not be sending these emails manually and you will be using a tool to send the emails. So how you customize it is key. This email should be then sent to the following email addresses -,,, 
    using a bulk emailing tool. 
  3. You will need to figure out which tool to use and how to send out bulk emails through the tool.
  4. Write down below what tool you used & the steps taken to send the emails.
  5. Please note this test is considered completed only if the steps and link are put down below and an email is sent to above mentioned IDs.


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