Step 3: IIDE WordPress Developer - Skill Test

1. Divya is a blogger and started a new website and she wants to publish a new blog? Under which section on Wordpress can she do it?
2. What is Web Hosting?
3. A domain name:
4. IIDE needs 3 different menu bars to be displayed on 3 different pages. Is it possible to do so?
5. IIDE wants to track data using Google Analytics. Where will you add this code on your website?
6. What is used to connect 2 different apps on one website?
7. Alisha wants to check the speed of her website. Which among these tools can she use?
8. Rohan has 50 themes to choose from on his WordPress website. How many of them can he activate simultaneously?
9. Rutuja created a custom page on her website. She now wants to make this as her home page. Which option will she have to choose under 'Homepage Settings' ?
10. Vivan has a blog page. He wants to add some information in the sidebar of that page. Which of the following can he use to do so?
11. A Plugin that will not help you with SEO
12. Which among these helps to shorten the URL?
13. When used in a post or page, the tag [button] is an example of what?
14. What acts as a connection between Domain & Server?
15. Under normal circumstances which of these would a user see first on the Google SERP?
16. Write a SMS copy to apply for IIDE’s 3 month Digital Marketing Course (Max 160 characters)
17. What is SEO?
18. What is the Difference between a Landing Page and an Organic Page?
19. After the launch of your brand, you intend to begin your first Digital Marketing Campaign and back it with high budgets to drive traffic to your website. You have also lowered your expected Conversions to 5% of all visits (traffic) to your website. At a Cost-per-click of Rs. 4, how much money do you need to spend on ads to clock a total of 100,000 transactions on the website. Expected traffic from non-paid sources is 7,00,000 sessions. Assume zero bounce rate.
20. Which of these elements on the Google SERP can you not SEO optimize for?
21. Which coding skills are you well versed in?
22. Rate yourself on a scale of 1 to 10 in terms of knowledge of HTML
23. Rate yourself on a scale of 1 to 10 in terms of knowledge of CSS
24. Rate yourself on a scale of 1 to 10 in terms of knowledge of JavaScript
25. Rate yourself on a scale of 1 to 10 in terms of knowledge of PHP
26. Have you ever worked on any of the page builders in wordpress? If yes, which?
27. IIDE has a Testimonial video on youtube. How can you add that video to your website?
28. Do you know how to code a Landing Page from scratch?
29. How long are you planning to work with IIDE?
30. Assignment:Create a landing page from scratch for IIDE's Courses using WordPress and submit the link of the page in the below box. ( Note: Your application will not be considered without the assignment link. Also, if you're using ready made templates it may lead to the disqualification of your assignment)


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