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Technology has integrated itself into the education sector in interesting ways. Could you suggest an interesting technological innovation which could value add to the learning experience in classrooms at IIDE.
What are the top 5 'utility' mobile apps on your phone? Give at least 2 reasons as to why each one works well in India.
How effective do you think Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Campaign of a 'Digital India' is? Do you have any recommendations to make it more successful?
You have two coins to toss. If you get heads with the first coin, you stop. If you get tails, you toss again. The second coin is tossed regardless. What is the ratio of heads to tails? Explain the logic in your own words.
Why do you think Google Plus failed as a product? Where did it lack in comparison to other Social Media Platforms?
Why do you wish to join the School of Coding? Where do you see yourself 2 years post completing this course at IIDE?