School Of Design Test

Welcome to the Entrance Test


You have 60 minutes to answer the 6 questions mentioned below.
Please keep a track of the timer at the bottom of the page. Good luck!

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What does design mean to you? Explain in short.
View the following website on a laptop. And comment on the way it has been made / designed. Share at least 3 points that make this website friendly for the user. 
Imagine you came up with a concept for Kolstone Hair Dye. Click here to view the concept.
Imagine you had to explain this idea to Kolstone (your client) without any visuals. Explain the concept in simple words, for the client to be able to visualize your thought process and invest in this billboard.
Designing for a billboard vs Designing for an ad to be seen on the mobile screen. Explain similarities and differences with examples.
Study the FedEx logo (Click here) and share your views on it. Tell us your views on the colour, font and design of the logo.
Why should IIDE shortlist you for the School of Design? Tell us something that makes us believe you are the right candidate (Bonus points if you are inclined towards an art or craft)