Online Advanced Certification in Digital Marketing


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You have 60 minutes to answer the 10 questions mentioned below.
Please keep a track of the timer at the bottom of the page. Good luck!


Name 3 utility based apps on your phone that you cannot live without. Support your answer with a short explanation of the features you find most useful in these apps.
What in your opinion is the difference between the content posted on IGTV and Instagram Reels? Visit the instagram handle @netflix_in and spot examples from their IGTV and Reels sections to support your answer.

Watch this video above based ad from Raw Pressery and comment on what makes this ad work / not work. Please share 3 or more pointers supporting your answer.
Traditionally a shopping website has noticed that out of every 1000 times their ad is shown on Facebook/ Instagram, 200 people click on it to go to their website and two land up purchasing from the site. Given this information, if the website wishes to get 500 sales, how many times would their ad need to show up on Facebook/ Instagram.
Name a brand you closely follow on Facebook / Instagram and whose content you find interesting / useful. Give 3 pointers on what the brand has done well to keep you hooked on to its content.
Why should IIDE choose your application over the rest of the candidates who have applied? 
Ideally how many H1 tags should be present on a single page?
What is the meaning of the word 'Impressions' when it comes to Digital Marketing?
If the brand aims at generating new business from Facebook ads in quick time, which of the following marketing objectives should a brand select?
If your ad had a reach of 2,00,000 people. The ad frequency was 1 and the ad received 5,000 clicks. What would the Click-Through-Rate be?